Which Color Should You Choose For Your Sunglasses?

Our attention is always drawn to a new design of sunglasses each season, and one of the most remarkable features is the wide range of lens colors available. But what determines which lens color to use for? In truth, when choosing the color of their choice, we should not get swayed by fashion or focus only on the color we like the most for polarized sunglasses, since it is not solely an aesthetic decision. There are a variety of characteristics associated with each color.

Glacial Brown Crystals

For outdoor sports use, brown sunglasses are the best option, since they improve contrast and filter blue light, while not altering perceptions of color. Those who have had cataract surgery or refractive surgery and those with myopia are also recommended to wear this color. العاب سباق حصان جديدة

Gray Crystals

Glasses with gray glass are the most versatile, since they alter the perception of colors less and are suitable for all kinds of situations. The gray lenses reduce eye strain, making them ideal for driving.

Green Crystals

This type of glass is ideal for marine applications and winter sports since it reduces the brightness without affecting visibility or changing the perception of colors in a very subtle manner. Hyperopic individuals can benefit from them.

Yellow Crystals

Sunglasses with yellow glass offer great brightness and contrast, although they are not suitable as a solar lens. They can be used in low-light conditions, such as driving at dawn, dusk, or in foggy conditions, and may be suitable for some retinal diseases.

Orange Crystals

Orange glass goggles are also not recommended for solar use, only for days with cloudy skies, fog or low light, and even for night driving. With this color, contrast is higher than with yellow glass.

Blue Crystals

Blue glass is not recommended for driving as it can change the perception of colors and blocks blue, red and amber light.

Red Crystals

Lastly, the red glass reduces eye strain and provides good depth of field. This designer eyewear is perfect for activities and sports in the snow.

What Color Of Glass To Choose On The Road? كزينو

Driving is one of the activities in which a good choice of the color of the glasses is essential. If we choose the wrong color, our perception of exterior color is altered, which could lead to a traffic accident. For this reason, the most recommended colors for driving are the most neutral: Gray and green.

Additionally, children’s eyes must be protected. Due to sports activities, recreations or workshops and outdoor camps, children are even more exposed to the sun than adults, so a special attention should be paid to their eye care. The afternoon hours are the best time to avoid long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays. Also, it is important to remember that children under the age of 6 should not expose themselves to the sun. ون كارد فوري

Finally, you can keep the glasses of your glasses perfectly clean by putting a drop of vinegar or vodka in each glass. Then rub gently with a lint-free cloth. They will be impeccable. Another option to remove all traces of grease and dirt is to put a few drops of cologne on the crystals and rub gently with a cloth.

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