Emotional competencies of the coach: learning to be a coach

Credibility or “authority” of the coach

It is known that the assessment that the players make of their coach depends fundamentally on two aspects: 1) being recognized as a true soccer expert, who knows or knows the game in depth and helps the soccer player to develop; and 2) being perceived as “fair” in decision-making related to team management.

A positive perception in both aspects by a majority

 of the players on a team gives credibility to the coach. Credibility is moral authority . In today’s society, authority and authoritarianism cannot be confused. The coach has power, the power inherent in his role and in the decisions that concern him. لعبة كوتشينة اون لاين The authority has to win it before his players becoming a creditor to it, he wins it from what his players perceive as optimal management in the direction of the team. عايزه لعب عايزه لعب

Thus, the credibility or authority of the coach has a direct relationship

with emotional competencies , with the effective management of one’s own and others’ emotions. Being recognized as an “expert” in soccer has a lot to do with how he transmits or teaches what he knows about nba중계, with a pedagogical aptitude ; Knowing a lot does not have to be associated with teaching well. Being perceived as a “fair person” in decision-making requires values, empathy, management of individual and collective emotions.

What are emotional competencies?

Competence is a concept that comes from education. Competencies are resources, solutions, tools, effective management of specific situations. KNOWING (concepts and knowledge) and KNOWING HOW (skills, procedures, actions) are completely insufficient. They need to be accompanied by WANTING TO DO (excitement, enthusiasm, passion, and motivation), BEING ABLE TO DO (implement, manage, solve, overcome difficulties, manage demands, and manage frustration…) and KNOW HOW TO BE (personal values, personal maturity, and intelligence emotional…).

Do not confuse competencies with “capabilities” and “skills .

 You can be both skillful and useless in expressing those skills in certain situations. لعبة مولي Competences grant effectiveness, efficiency, they are tools that resolve, draw a decisive intelligence. The competencies incorporate the attitudinal dimension , wanting, being able and behaving from a personal ethic (values). Competences give reliability to capacities, knowledge and abilities, they give reliability to training.

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