These aren’t the “top hits” we’ve forgotten about in the past

I want to talk a little bit about forgotten music. Recently, I came across a top 40 radio poll, and it made me think of songs that just woke me up. In recent years, I have tried to collect songs from my past. I was a teenager in the 70s and I think the late 60s and 70s were the best time for music, even for pop music in modern history. Very fresh ideas and very creative artists.

Many artists are famous today because advertisers only promote them to fame, and most music is either the sound or remake of old things. There was so much variation then. You can also hear Iron Butterfly’s “Female” along with Sammy Davis ’junior song “on the charts. Oh, that’s bullshit, isn’t it? But I really enjoyed listening to this song. I remember a trip with my family when I was about 11 years old, which involved thinking about how many songs I wanted to play in a row. If I can’t find a good old station now, the best I can do is find two in a row that I like, and have a good day.

The problem with most old channels today is they only play the best hits on the charts.

 What about the others? A few years ago there was a station in my area called “THE WAY” and they were playing different music. I’m really excited. But most of them are limited to old stone. Hey, I’m not complaining, I like it. They filled a large space. But I still miss all the old pop songs that are not top hits. What about the song that reached the Top 40 chart at age 38 and gradually reached 24 and went back into the dark? I can’t say for sure that I remember them because I don’t remember any of them. They go. My husband heard something earlier and called immediately to tell me. It’s: Israel, written by Desmond Decker, one of the few artists to hit the charts outside of Jamaica. Oh, nice to hear. I listened to it over and over until we finally got it. It just so happened that I had to listen again because I had completely forgotten about it.

My husband was looking for a song he could barely remember in a long time. I was a very fast number that let me know very quickly. We tried to control everything we could think of, but we couldn’t find it. The song “Video Mary Radio Star” continues to come out, but it’s the wrong story. With the right tools, we finally found it. The ideal name is the “Life is a Rock” reunion.

My husband was thrilled that it finally happened.

 Have you started to rethink your lesser-known accomplishments? I’m sure you remember Guess Who very well, but do you remember his little success with “Albert Fleischer”? It’s fun to find and listen to again. You can find 99-cent downloads of most of these songs on Amazon, but do you remember all of their names? How many not-so-good hits went into your head as if they were me?

There is hope outside. And very easy to get. Do you remember the last best radio poll wins in the 60s and 70s? They were among the top 40 or 30 and featured both the best hits of the day and the artists. What if you catch something and reach a schedule and start memorizing? Well, you can do that. Between 1971 and 1974, a CD contained about 200. If you remember all the old pagalworld song,

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