What To Consider When Choosing The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

First of all, starting with models, brands and tips for choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner, you need to sit down and assess a series of points. There are quite a few, but they will really allow you to choose the robot vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs.

Robot types

There are different types of robot, and we can distinguish four groups. There are those who vacuum the dust… and nothing else. Floor mops live up to their name, but they don’t have brushes to vacuum up dirt. They just scrub.

There are others that are identical, but with the mop, and the most popular, at the moment, are those that have a suction system and, in addition, a mop that can polish the floor or ”scrub” it.

The system of the latter is more complete since, in addition to sucking up dirt, they pass the mop.


The size of the house is essential when choosing a clean slate. And it is that, it is the factor that marks the autonomy of the robot. Faced with two robots with the same characteristics, it may be a waste of money to choose the one with two hours of autonomy over the one with one hour if the latter guarantees that, in that time, it can clean the entire house.

The charging time is usually about two hours, and in addition to autonomy, we must take into account whether it is a “smart” robot vacuum cleaner or not, something that we will see later. And it is that, if it is not, it is like a pool cleaner, of the old ones, that no matter how much it is on, it may not go through all the corners.

Features of the house

This also has its crumb. The measurements of the robot vacuum cleaner must be taken into account. And it is that, it will depend on that it can go through each and every one of the corners of our home. The most important thing is to measure the height of the robot, as well as the space left under sofas and other furniture.

If we want the robot to be able to clean under furniture, it is something we should look at. In addition, you have to search among the characteristics of the desired model that can vacuum carpets and automatically get on them, in addition to the function so that the blades do not get tangled in long-haired carpets.

Power and dirt sensors

The power is measured in Pascals and measures the pressure that the robot vacuum cleaners motor is capable of exerting to attract dirt. It is a fact that must be taken into account, but it is not the most important.

What is important is knowing if the robot has a dirt sensor or not. If it has, and the price fits into the budget, you should take it into account, since that model will be more effective than another that does not have it. By effective, we mean you’ll need fewer passes through a clean spot, so you’ll focus on the dirtiest area.

Brush type

Another important element when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. There are two types of robots, those with a central brush, they are versatile and have a large roller in the central part that vacuums what the blades send it, and those that have two blades on the sides and a nozzle that vacuums dirt, they are best for long-pile carpets.

The maintenance of commercial cleaning services that do not have a central rotating brush is somewhat simpler, since the hair does not get tangled in it. Of course, those with a central rotating brush are somewhat more effective since they not only vacuum, but also “polish” the surface to absorb dirt.


The robot vacuum cleaner, as its name suggests, sucks, not sprays. For this reason, it has a deposit in which the dirt is stored and, of course, we must empty it. There are deposits of several liters, which is how it is measured, and we must start looking at a robot vacuum cleaner with a deposit of at least 0.3 liters.

If we have pets, things change, since we must throw away one with a capacity of at least 0.5 liters. And it is that, the hair occupies a lot in the deposit of our robot…

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