What You Need To Answer England 2018 World Cup Bid

England was, in fact, a little humiliated to get only one vote for all this junk. Many people read it in the headline, but it’s not clear what it really is and why we make it so bad. دانى الفز In this article, I’ll try to dispel some rumors and give an honest opinion about what happened.

Was it worth the £ 18 million spent on this offer?

As a country of football fans wearing 해외축구 중계사이트uniforms, it clearly shows our passion for sports and is, in a sense, an acceptable amount. But this is probably the most positive view, given the truth that Britain is in a crisis and money isn’t being spent much.

It also means that on the surface Russia secured the deal from the beginning, and if so, we literally wasted £ 18 million. If we won the bid, it would have been worth the money, but given how unsuccessful it was, it’s a difficult question to answer. H. The voice seems to be very humiliating for some reason.

Does our bidding team feel that FIFA is corrupt?

This is a simple answer, as the BBC and Panorama published an article about corruption in FIFA a few weeks before the vote, telling Anson and the rest of the bidding team to break the tide to prevent all members from doing so. There is none. .. Participate in the story and basically stay away from the BBC. One line of the letter should be read as follows: As part of the football family, we naturally feel connected to you and your colleagues. كبار الشخصيات vip

But after such a terrible loss, we changed our tone and said there was collusion between Qatar and Spain (which violates the rules) and also 5 of the FIFA Board of Directors. I found that a board member fraudulently promised us to vote. Give up.

Was the BBC corrupt when the story of corruption was broadcast?

Let’s say they didn’t benefit England. But if we win the offer and speak, it means that England is corrupt. That’s the best way, and the truth is that it’s imperative that the story continues if there is evidence of corruption, especially if it involves millions of pounds.


As a proud fan of England, no matter what shirt we wear or what football team we support, this is a disappointment. The system looks opaque and completely perishable, but the UK seems a bit tough on our losses. If I won, it wouldn’t hurt FIFA so much. روني

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