Buy cheap bong

You need different bongs for different purposes as a second bong or as a bong on the go for most people, the rather inexpensive versions from the Eaglebongs is suitable:

Inexpensive bongs are the first choice for outdoor use at festivals or use at parties where things get a little heavier. You can get a standard bong from suppliers who have large glass factories make them for you. remedio para tomar contra piolho Models in the higher price range, on the other hand, are often still produced in traditional glass blowing workshops or by laboratory glass manufacturers in Germany, because as glass experts, they naturally also have a high level of experience in the bong area and with the corresponding accessories and, on the other hand, find a new sales market with the smoking utensils.

But even price-conscious buyers no longer have to make extremely large compromises in quality: The industrial mass production of glass items also makes it possible to get a cheap bong in the Eaglebongs at a low price and in solid quality.

Cheap bongs: which material to choose?

Glass or plastic: Acrylic or silicone bongs from the Eaglebongs of course much more robust, unbreakable and easier to transport than glass bongs. ivermectina dosis por peso en perros There are not quite as many accessories available as for glass bongs and when choosing the bowl you have to be content with a model with the obligatory screw thread. If you also like to smoke a pipe, you could also use the bowl with it and simply screw it onto the pipe.

Bongs that’s what matters

1. Shape and volume

The shape of the bong for example a cylinder, beaker (Erlenmeyer flask) or bulbous bong determines the volume of smoke and water in the bong. The ball in a bulbous bong has a larger capacity for cooling water than a cylinder. ivermectin dog dse Beginners shouldn’t trust bongs with blatant columns of smoke and more than 500 milliliters of smoke volume. You should pay attention to the shape, for example if you want to attach a pre-cooler: A heavy base is usually not enough, but the bong should have a low center of gravity so that it does not tip over.

2. with or without

A percolator Of course, a percolator makes your bong a bit more expensive, but definitely smoother and more pleasant to smoke. The smoke becomes milder and cooler with a percolator.

3. with or without carb hole

If the carb hole is missing, you can lift the head at the end of the draw to replace the effect of the carb hole. Your head should be equipped with a lift-off handle, otherwise you will burn your fingers and at some point you will also abuse the chillum or head with the pulling and jerking. Depending on whether you’re left- or right-handed, you should choose a bong with the hole on the correct side or one with a hole in the middle.

4. Wall thickness

A wall thickness of 3 millimeters is standard for a glass bong. Thicker walls of 5 millimeters are considered to be fairly stable. Anything over 7 millimeters thick will make your whistle pretty impervious to the silliest tipping and knocking over.

5. with or without an ice compartment

If you prefer a particularly cool smoke, then your bong needs punctures, notches or ice spikes in the upper end of the smoke pipe, where your ice cubes find space and support to cool the smoke.

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