Runtv365 and DAZN join forces in sports broadcasts

Runtv365 and DAZN have reached an agreement, announced this Wednesday, to “offer more sports content to their customers.” “The alliance entails the distribution of DAZN content through new channels on Runtv365. Thus, the company specializing in sports streaming exclusively acquires the retransmission of the Formula 1 World Championship in Spain, until 2023. The competition can […]

Microelectromechanical System

Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), mechanical components, and electronic circuits combine to form miniature devices, typically tens of micrometers to hundreds of micrometers (millionths of a meter) in size, on a semiconductor chip. Typical applications for MEMS include sensors, actuators, and process control devices. Interest in MEMS creation increased in the 1980s, but it took nearly 20 […]

There Are Basically Two Models For Selling Football Rights In The Current Audiovisual Scene

·       Centralized model: The football clubs transfer their rights to a central body, which is in charge of negotiating and agreeing with the television platforms the amount and the operating conditions. Likewise, the clubs agree with said body how the income from this sale will be distributed. The advantages of this intermediation are obvious to some: […]

What About The Flow Rate?

While image quality and latency are important for OTT sports, bitrate cannot be underestimated. Simply put, the time it takes to transfer the encoded video is directly related to the bitrate. Because lower bitrates result in smaller files, they can be transferred faster. In other words, lower bitrates support lower latency. The problem is that […]