Why study sport management

Sport, in its form, organization and structure, has changed radically. For this reason, it is vital that operators, professionals and managers immersed in this growing industry acquire fundamental tools and knowledge to lead and direct, on a professional and comprehensive basis, aspects related to this discipline that ideally combines physical activity and health.

This academic program aims to offer a dynamic course with an innovative methodology, focused on training professionals for the sports business world, with theoretical and practical bases in legal, economic, administrative, financial and fiscal aspects.

Currently, private and public 스포츠중계 entities demand more and more professionals who, due to their technical, scientific and humanistic training, respond to the challenge of the sector’s requirements, exercising their profession with high levels of quality and experience, framed in ethical and innovation canons. .

About the professional in sport management

It is a professional who represents people or organizations and actively participates in the construction, promotion and decision-making of processes aimed at optimal development in the sports industry and in physical activity or use of free time.

Where can you perform?

Depending on the emphasis, the manager is prepared to link to various organizations in the public or private sector: sports federations, leagues, compensation funds, physical conditioning centers, clubs, sports ministry, municipal or district secretariats, municipal and departmental institutes, among other. Likewise, in the entertainment and sports tourism industry, the construction, adaptation and maintenance of sports venues or in the field of communication and sports marketing.

 How is the sports management academic program defined ? cdc ivermectin for hookworm

It is a training initiative, whose purpose is aimed at developing skills, such as:

• Ability to manage the organizations of the National Sports System

• Ability to contribute and develop policies, plans and projects articulated with the National Sports System and the world.

• Leadership to establish special lines around the sports industry, such as: scouting, BigData, e-sports, among others.

• Spirit of research in the field of sports management and its public policies within the national and international environment. does ivermectin paste for horses kill barber pole worms in goats

Six things to know about sports management

1. It has its origin in the time of the primitive settlers and in the organization of the games of antiquity.

2. It constitutes one of the regions of the national economy of several countries.

3. In the educational field, it is a broad discipline that has various areas to specialize.

4. A sports manager must have knowledge about national and international legal policies and regulations regarding sports and physical activity.

5. Good management requires a complete analysis of the sports market to mark trends and establish short, medium and long-term goals. nombre comercial de la ivermectina para humanos

6. Sports management is currently listed as a field with great academic demand, given the growth of the sports industry in the world.

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